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Monday, June 14, 2004

Enlisting Vox Day's Help to Woo S.Z.

Coincidentally, Vox Day has some surprisingly good advice on love today. He wrote a column over at World Net Daily about how to know if the woman you seek is the right one to marry. I'm pretty sure I already know S.Z. is "the one" but I'll see what he says just to make sure.

1. Is she a woman of genuine faith?

I certainly hope not.

2. Does she accept the notion of personal responsibility?

See answer to question 1.

3. Are you comfortable with her?

Sure. Does she have to be comfortable with me too, though? If so, we may have a problem.

4. Can she entertain herself? Men need their downtime. This becomes problematic if she sees your free time as a violation of her time with you.

So far she seems to have no problem letting me have my space.

6. Do your friends and family think she's good for you?

Glenstonecottage does.

7. Does she attempt to control you? This tendency will only get worse with marriage, so any sign of this in a dating relationship is a red flag.

Please see today's other blog entry and search for the words "restraining order".

8. Does she treat you with respect, in public and in private? If she does, this is an excellent sign. If she's always putting you down, just "giving you a hard time" and "keeping you in your place," better find someone else. Marriage is not a buddy-cop movie.

Yeah, this one may be problematic.

9. Are you in agreement on the larger issues?

We both seem to share a disturbing obsession with Rebecca Hagelin and Rush Limbaugh.

So let's see here...By my tally, we meet at least 6 out of the 10 criteria Vox sets forth. Seems pretty clear to me.

If you are so fortunate as to find the right woman, don't let shallow concerns get in the way, pursue her and see it through.

Hey, S.Z. Even Vox says we're destined to be together. So whaddya say? Don't make me serenade you again...


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