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Thursday, May 27, 2004

A Sad Day at The Dark Window: A Letter

If you happened to read this blog yesterday, you know that the nefarious Dr. Seb No has been publicly questioning my manhood over at his "website." In response to his practically unprovoked attacks, I submitted both of our names and information for acceptance to a conservative Christian dating site. Sadly, neither Seb nor I lived up to the standards of the Holiness Church. Even more sadly, I'm guessing that Seb and I don't really live up to any standards at all, but that's probably beside the point.

What isn't beside the point is that Seb and I will not be getting our Holiness Honeys after all.

On the bright side, TaRena Nail (the founder of HSM) turned out to be very nice and we applaud her very good sense of humor about the whole situation. And as we all know, when you're dealing with Dr. No in a dress, a very good sense of humor is vital.

Dear Seb,

Thank you for your interest in HIS Singles Ministry. We are dedicated to promoting Holiness friendships and life-styles across the nation and the world. We hope that you have found something within our site to encourage, uplift and further your spiritual journey.

We are sorry to disappoint you however your submission was unable to pass our screening test and your application has been denied . If you feel that you were rejected unnecessarily you are free to take your request directly to HSM's Founder/CEO, TaRena Nail and explain yourself to her.

We are unable to process your submitted application due to the insufficient number of acceptable answers concerning standard Biblical and Doctrinal issues relating to salvation and the traditions of the Holiness congregation. We do appreciate your sense of humor however satisfactory answers to each question on the application must be supplied in order to process your application. Once again thank you for your interest and God bless you.


The HSM Team


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