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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

The Most Important Things

I've been wrestling with myself all day over whether or not I should post this item. So far I've tried to keep everything here at the Dark Window fun and humorous and it's certainly not my intention to stop doing that now.

But I saw this photograph today and was reminded that sometimes there are things in life that are simply not light, that are simply not enjoyable. And sometimes these things are the most important things.

It's very easy to forget that war has a face, that a bomb dropped doesn't kill a meaningless number. It kills flesh and bone and hopes and dreams. And what it doesn't kill it maims and scars and changes forever.

Are there times when we must drop bombs? Unfortunately, there probably are. But let us never lose sight of exactly what it means when we make the decision to drop them.

Some things in life transcend politics and governments and cultural struggles. Sometimes the only thing we have is that we are all human. May we never take that for granted.

See the face of the girl below. She has lost her parents, her brothers, her sisters. This is a face that is so easily crushed. This is our face. Don't forget it.


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