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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The Last Patriots

The Wing Nuts are at it again and, as usual, they're busily saying that anybody who disagrees with them is a treasonous hater of America and God.

Joseph Farah, the gentle man behind one of our nation's most prestigious news sources - World Net Daily, has written a delightful column about how Ted Kennedy and John Kerry are enemies of America.

With his latest best-selling book, my colleague Michael Savage has come up with a term that describes the real threat to America – "The Enemy Within."
First off, anybody who starts an article by invoking colleague status with Michael Savage has some serious credibility problems. But let's ignore that for the moment and continue with Farah's column:

There are some other terms I could use to describe Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry and the senior senator from Massachusetts, Ted Kennedy – traitors, leaders of the blame-America-first crowd, immoral cowards, treacherous appeasers to name a few.
There are also some terms I could use to describe Joseph Farah. America-hating zealot, anti-Christian demagogue, Joseph Stalin lookalike, violence-loving media whore to name a few.

But recognize that Kerry and Kennedy are not part of a loyal opposition within our country. They are leaders of a disloyal enemy within.

They are like a Trojan Horse within our midst. They are capable of doing more damage to this country than the Sept. 11 suicide attackers did. In fact, they may have already accomplished that.
Farah seems to be saying that if you question our actions in Iraq, then you are a traitor. Senator Ted Kennedy says American abuse of prisoners in Iraq is morally wrong and Farah responds with: "he must still be hitting the sauce pretty hard."

What, then, are you hitting Mr. Farah? It must be some damn good stuff because I can't figure out how the hell any reasonable human being could come up with that kind of conclusion.

But according to Farah, it gets worse. Presidential Candidate John Kerry had the nerve to say, "It's an attitude that comes out of how we went there in the first place, an attitude that comes out of America's overall arrogance as policy."

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. If you ever think America is guilty of arrogance in its foreign policy, then YOU are a traitor.

Are Liberals Just Sissies Who Hate America and God?

The ever-lovely S.Z. had a fantastic piece today on Hans Zeiger. If you don't know Hans, he's young, a proud Eagle Scout, and he has his own column. Unfortunately, he also represents many of the ideas so cherished in the current conservative culture. The one I wish to address here is the common refrain that the church is dying because it's being feminized and sissified.

The reason that so few Americans attend church is that so few churches are Christian. Liberal pastors speak much of unity and peace and social justice and harmony and the like. The human condition and the Cross are seldom preached in many churches.
You see, Christianity is not about doing what Christ says. It's about doing what Hans says.

Listen carefully because this is the voice that mocks our patriotism and blames America's problems on us. This is the voice that equates liberalism with Satan. Do you see what he's saying? In spite of its prevalence, it's really quite terrifying. The message is this: those who work hard to make our nation a place of peace and social justice, those who seek harmony over strife (Blessed are the peacemakers?), are (a) unChristian and (b) destroying the church in America.

Let me put it another way: If you put in long hours of loving service to help your neighbors and fellow Americans, then you are probably not a Christian. In fact, it probably also means that you're a big sissy AND that you hate America.

Can Hans really not see the irony here? If you do the things that Christ said to do and you work hard to make our country a better place, then you are not a Christian and you hate America.

This brings us to yet another strain of the "Liberals hate America" movement – the 'Christian' triumphalist movement.

Does Hal Lindsey hate the truth?

Hal Lindsey, widely respected for his service to humanity and deep theological insight renowned in Wing Nut circles for his devotion to American imperialism and bizarre, simplistic theological writings, represents a wide swath of conservative American Christianity. His huge-selling book - The Late Great Planet Earth - convinced millions that Jesus was coming back to earth soon and that he was really pissed at us (his later books helpfully revealed that this was because we'd all become liberals). It's hard to overstate the importance of this 'body' of work on conservative American religious thought.

Hal currently has a weekly column that runs on both World Net Daily (Joseph Farah's site) as well as his own website: the Hal Lindsey Oracle. [The name seems apt. Much like the Priestess of Apollo who administered the Oracle at Delphi, he's happy to dispense more and better prophetic wisdom to you if you'll kick in more money.]

He continues our theme that the problems we are facing right now in Iraq have nothing to do with the possibility that the invasion was perhaps ill-advised in the first place or that we had no real plan once we got there. No, the problem is...you guessed it...LIBERALS!

Yes, my loyal readers (actually, my entire audience seems to be made up of the nefarious Dr. Seb No so maybe that should be 'loyal reader'), if you think our recent actions in Iraq shamed our country and you want to see accountability in our government, then YOU are responsible for how things are going in Iraq.

They are demanding Rumsfeld's blood to hurt the administration. It appears of no consequence to them that we are engaged in a war of blood and death where their every word has permanent consequences for those who are fighting our battles.
You see, the evil folks at CBS wanted to kill some of our God-fearing troops – presumably because they wanted higher ratings and because they hate God and America.

The photos were not needed to impart the information. The same information could have been made clear without using photos they knew would inflame virtually all of Islam. But they opted for the emotional shock value of the photos, knowing full well what kind of murderous retaliations they would spur among the Islamic fundamentalists.
Amazingly, he doesn’t stop there. No way. This guy ain't sissified (and I'm sure Hans is standing at attention)! Following Zeiger's logic, this guy is the TRUE model of Christianity! And what does this 'Christian' way entail? Deception! He sees reporting of truth as 'propaganda.' But this is where it gets even weirder. He doesn't use this as an opportunity to say that propaganda is bad. No, he implies that we SHOULD be using propaganda. It's just that it should say what HE wants it to say:

If these elected officials and private special-interest groups are going to use the public airwaves to disseminate propaganda, shouldn't their public statements be pro-American, instead of proclaiming propaganda that incites the enemy to horribly murder innocent Americans?

The problem is pro-American propaganda might help America win the war, but it won't help get George Bush out of the White House. To find out which is the more important to these people, just tune in to CNN.
So who's anti-American? Is it the liberals who work hard to make our country better and desire a role for America that involves a morally accountable use of power? Or is it the people who call anybody who disagrees with them traitors and America-haters? To these people, the idea of social justice and the opposition to poor foreign policy decisions aren't simply bad, they're actually destroying our country. They don't want to see any dissent when conservatives are in power. They want a king who is divinely ordered by God. They want a theocracy.

Now I may be a little slow but isn't that exactly what our forefathers rebelled against in the first place?

[Cue America the Beautiful]

I say it's time that we stopped letting people like this frame the debate on patriotism. For who really loves America if it isn't he who stands up when he sees his country being brought to ruin? Who really loves America if it isn't she who fights for the ideals of liberty and freedom? It's he who realizes that the glory of our great land lies in more than having a McDonalds in Baghdad. It's she who recognizes that God's love for us is not directly proportional to our consumption of fossil fuels.

Dammit, I love this country. And I'm tired of seeing these jerks try to erode what it is that makes it the greatest nation on earth. They want to argue patriotism?

Bring 'em on.

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