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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Jack Chick's Revenge

Well, the fun and games with Jack seem destined to end here at the Dark Window. As you may recall we've spent much of the past week examining his timely lessons on gay marriage and loving tolerance.

During the last 24 hours or so his website has begun constantly changing the addresses of the individual jpeg frames we've been pointing to. They seem to have added a script that assigns a random number to these blessed images. This number changes frequently so evildoers like me find themselves unable to provide lasting links.

This makes us sad here at the Dark Window because now we won't be able to share the Day After Tomorrow/Jack Chick movie tie-in we had planned to use to mask our absence during the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. Well, anyway, if you want to see the fun without our own commentary, please go here where you'll find all kinds of gripping scenes involving God's own killer storm, clowns, evil Commie pinkos, and veiled references to Sanford and Son.

We just hope this sinister cartoon crackdown isn't part of a larger trend because we here at the Dark Window very much like the ever-sparkling S.Z.'s new feature entitled The Family Circus Prediction of the Day.

As for me, well, I concede. You win, Jack. You get the final "HAW HAW."


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