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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

The First Annual State of The Blog Address

First of all I'd like to thank everybody for stopping by to check out my blog. During my first 24 hours of operation, I had 13 people look at my site. During the second 24 hours, I had over 250 people check it out. This gives me a daily growth rate of approximately 1,900%!

If this rate of growth continues (and I can think of no reason why it wouldn't), by the end of next week every man, woman, and child on earth will have read this blog.

That means that each of the following people will be here sometime between now and then, all of them trying to win a dream date with Phyllis Schlafly and watching Tom DeLay do the Robot:

  1. Sean Hannity

  2. Bea Arthur

  3. Paul Wolfowitz

  4. Dr. Laura Schlesinger

  5. Mr. T
So if you have a message you'd like to pass along to one of these fine folks (or anybody else you can think of), please leave it in the comment section.

In other exciting news, I've had the following prestigious visits so far:

  1. The sinister Dr. Seb No showed up and personally threatened me.

  2. Famed political satirist S.Z. told the world that I may or may not be cute (fortunately she hasn't met me in person so she can't yet rule out the former possibility).

  3. Ivan, the King of Nostalgia, was kind enough to remind me that he has Force of Evil on DVD and I don't.

  4. Old friend Chris Vosburg offered his condolences upon seeing my site.

  5. New friend Socratic Silence made me envious of the cool name he'd thought up. Of course if I were silent every time I knew I didn't know something, I'm pretty sure I'd never open my mouth again...
But anyway, thank you very much for stopping by, everybody!


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